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    Women are now realizing that society's expectations can be the key to finding balance in guiding others. We visit some of the more unconventional ways women have climbed to the top in their industry. From politics, music, education, entrepreneurship and a host of other fields women have found e...

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    Frosties" are moments of encouragement and satisfaction. If you implement them well then personal development and qualities in life will being to sprout. Happy streaming! Sharing a free space on mental and emotional health. These learning types or "Frosties" meaning great head space for life- a...

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  • Female Hustlers

    Season 3 of Frosties
    Female Hustlers Final Trailer Project

    Leadership Development for Women

    Promoting women who hustle and slay for their goals. Dr. Rachel Levitch stated: "“I have always wanted to stay in the best upb...

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    14 items

    83% of Americans have suffered a trauma—exposure to actual or threatened death or harm. Exposures can be events that happened directly to you, or those you witnessed happen to others. More than ever we are a fast generation. Moreover; there's not a lot of time to 1) think about our actions 2) re...