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Surviving the Narcissist

Abuse and Triggers Aren't the Same Pt 1

Season 2, Episode 4 • 30s

Up Next in Rebuilding a Life After Narcissistic Abuse

  • Abuse and Triggers Aren't the Same

    Narcissistic abuse changes the way survivors view the world and relationships.
    Due to its nonphysical nature, it is often difficult for outsiders to see what is happening.
    Many victims feel isolated, gaslit, and unable to relate to others based on their experiences.

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  • Explaining Physical Reactions

    After the fog settles in the aftermath of narcissistic abuse, you may be more confused than ever. For many, it can feel like that dust never settles. Instead, it is always there, ready to thicken at moment's notice. You may have days where you are feeling OK, only to suffer from insomnia for thre...

  • Slow Road to Recovery

    Researcher Dow explains that the primary goal for a person who is healing form narcissistic abuse is often learning to trust themselves again after years of experiencing gaslighting in the relationship.