Casting Call

Casting Call

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This this is Dr. Rachel Levitch Welcome to your opportunity to apply with WHFF Broadcast & Media partnering with parents. Losing custody of your children to Child Protective Services can be a terrifying prospect. Whether you have just discovered that you are under investigation, or your children have already been removed, contact us we want to hear your story. We are conducting open cast calls for production in your area regarding you as a parent with the Department of Family services and outcomes. Here is what we need. Go to and find out what the quick and easy steps are.

Casting Call
  • Breaking Generational Curses: When Child Protective Services Takes Your Children

    You can't hide the fact your children were taken. And you can't hide the shame and devastation when something as horrible as this happens. It is a story of heartbreak but also of hope. From the first edition; and now this second, the series is born as parents are charged with facing the past, ...

  • Cast Call For Parents

    During or as a result of this investigative process, in 2016 alone, 273,539 children were placed into foster care. But much less attention has been paid to the untold number of children who are the subject of coerced “voluntary” separations of families are a common result of CPS Hotline investiga...

  • Understanding Your Separation of Parent-Child Relationship

    Cast Call:
    Understanding Your Separation of Parent-Child Relationship
    Open Now

    Can we first just all admit on the pit! Offenders and Co-conspirators find a vulnerable moment in your life and begin to distort the truth through disinformation, oversimplifying, ridiculin...

  • Family Services and Protective Services

    Families of color are disproportionately represented in the child welfare system and are more likely to experience negative outcomes compared to white families. For instance, children of color are more likely to experience multiple placements, less likely to be reunited with their birth families...