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Un-Ideal Parenting Series

From the Ex-President: "A Shithole" of A Child Protective System

Season 1, Episode 7 • 18m

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    Learning is one of the free-est things in life: so, find out what you need and learn it. Children and protective services have a legal standing that causes parent and child separation: what could be worse. A court ruling and now ...

  • When Parenting Advice Is Not Enough

    Parents really need help doing it right. And just as you thought that statement was confusing: legislators have decided to chime in PER STATE. Meaning the privacy of your home isn't what it used to be: there are regulations and stipulations. With the new impact in legislation your family cannot...

  • Outside Relationships Affirm Your Chi...

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    When we engage in adult relationships our children are watching us and they have an opinion view us as a child, a youth and later as an adult. Remember, giving your child plenty of opportunities to play is on...