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"Frosties" Alpha Females • 4m 34s

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  • Self Confidence

    An Alpha woman may be the central “hub” in her social circle, and loves to connect people. In a group scenario, like a party or work conference, she will conduct the crowd around her like an orchestra. In any situation, she can find common ground, can calm tensions, inspire great conversation, an...

  • Fight Club

    "Sometimes the female alpha, has to fight to the death and gang up on intruders."


    Resources Links:
    Education Institute:
    The Cognitive Institute: https://www....

  • Collective Wisdom

    Throughout history women have lifted each other up and been the support group for each other that make the difference between dreams pursued and those deferred. I am so excited to see more and more women, online and off, embracing this collective power and using it to lift up new businesses, new ...