Life Coach and Improvements

Life Coach and Improvements

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Life Coach and Improvements
  • Concerned Donors Like You

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    We are grateful for caring and concerned givers like you. Because of you, no other organization has more impact on the lives of parents. Donate now to fuel the change that parents need to survive in heart healthy environments for me...

  • Dysfunctional Families: Coming November 2024

    Dysfunctional Families: Coming November 2024

  • A Historical Lesson For Parents

    Deepfake Pornography
    Today's Topic: A Historical Lesson for Parents
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  • Mental Health Trauma

    Mental health trauma is ubiquitous and frequently experienced throughout the lifespan. A frequent sequela of traumatic experiences is functional impairment, which can result in decreased quality of life, morbidity, and poorer health outcomes.


  • Co-Parenting Blues and Deliberate Destruction

    Un-Ideal Parenting: Season 2
    Co-Parenting Blues and Deliberate Destruction
    Today's Topic: Identifying the Co-parenting Narcissist

    Moment for Parents:
    One of the greatest traumas imaginable is when parents must deal with the separation of a child. Mostly by d...

  • Female Hustlers Pilot

    Female Hustlers
    Today's Topic: Female Hustlers: Pilot Episode
    Frosties Season 3
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  • Hidden Agenda Of The Elites with Jordan Peterson


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