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Surviving the Narcissist

Dating a Victim of Abuse and Trauma

Season 3, Episode 9 • 30s

Up Next in Dating After Narcissistic Abuse

  • Why Dating a Victim Is Challenging

    With around 1-5% of people who have Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), chances are, you may come across a narcissist, or someone abused by a narcissist at some point in your dating life.


  • Narcissistic Abuse Toward Women

    Dating after narcissistic abuse can be challenging because the effects of an abusive relationship can lead to ongoing distress. When learning about narcissistic abuse, it’s helpful to understand that both men and women can be victims of narcissistic abuse. Here, we talk about how it can affect wo...

  • Narcissistic Abuse Toward Women Pt 2

    When a person has been in a relationship with a narcissist, they are often exposed to manipulative behaviors, and their partner exerts dominance, power, and control over them. Narcissistic abuse victims may be subjected to physical assaults, stalking, and other harmful behaviors.

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